Tiny Bubbles….You Make Me Happy

by Joyce on August 30, 2011

…this is a made-up song dedicated to our nightly ritual for our two youngest ones.

Every. Single. Night.  when hubby or I call out “bath time!”, our #3 would immediately respond with “bubble bath!!” and our 22 month old would chime in “baboo batt!”.  Tonight, there was no exception.  Oh, how I love to hear the “pat-pat-pat” sound of their tiny feet, running excitedly into the master bath for their last treat of the day!  Can we just bottle up their  innocent sweetness forever?   Pretty please with cherry on top??

God is Good.



If You Give a Little Boy a Steam Engine…

by Joyce on August 28, 2011

…he’ll ask for more to go with it.

If you give him more steam engines, he’s going to ask for flat-bed cars, box cars and a little red caboose to tow behind.

If you give him flat-bed cars, box cars and a little red caboose, he’ll ask you to build him a train track.

If you build him a train track, he’ll want you to add bridges, rail road crossings and train stations.

If you add bridges, rail road crossings and train stations, he’s going to ask you to play with him.

The chances are,

If you play with him, he’ll ask for more steam engines.

God is Good.



A Boy and His dog

by Joyce on August 27, 2011

What can be said about the love between a boy and his dog other than through beautiful images?  I tried but morning  sunrise is just not my thing.  Instead, we were able to capture some beautiful sunset instead.  Hope you enjoy looking through these as much as I had fun taking them :)

Boy Sitting with His Dog:

Boy Looking at His Dog:

Boy Hugging His Dog:

Boy Licking His Dog!! 

God is Good.



Fun at the pool

by Joyce on August 23, 2011

For most kids, it’s back to school.  For us homeschoolers, it’s fun at the pool!

One of the many perks for homeschooling is we are able to have more playtime.  We do our “school” roughly from 9 am to 2pm with about one hour lunch break in between.  Instead of stuck in a four-walled, florescent light lit classrooms for 8 hours each day, five days a week, we are able to tailor our daily schedule according to our needs.

Just like adults, children love a break from their day-to-day, strict schedule for some kiddie fun.  So here we are, having a blast by taking advantage of less crowded pool because public school is now back in session.

God is Good.



A Walk in the Park

by Joyce on August 18, 2011

Lo and behold…it was cloudy, over-cast kind of day. Taking advantage of the weather, which hovered about 100 degrees, we decided to take the kids out for a stroll in the park. Apparently, the peacocks had the same idea…or, were they just bored at another outdoor wedding that was about to start in the garden?  :Thinking:

God is Good.



Picture Play

by Joyce on August 11, 2011

This past Sunday, I shot this at a party:

One of my dearest friends, Anne from Avignon, France * :rose: to you my dear* saw it and wanted to have a play. This is her take on it:

I love her refreshing take on the same image….reminds me of the beautiful color of Mediterranean Sea! (Anne is from South France :heart: )


Here is my monochromatic take of the same image:

I think this gives it a “melodramatic” feel *sigh*  :heart:

Inspired by my friend Anne. I kept her beautiful Mediterranean-Sea-like water while preserving the beautiful golden sunset:

God is Good.



This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Rock'in The Best Beginner Course EVER

This is my last week and we are only allowed to turn in ONE image for our assignment. So this means everything….yeah E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G has to be right on!!  The pressure is ON!!!

I thought and thought some more of what I want to capture and what I want to present as my LAST assignment. So, here is the end product:

Mission completed! I FINALLY got all 4 boys in the same picture, focused!! Yay Me!! *doing the chicken dance*
I think this will look great above our fireplace, what do you think?

God is Good.



This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Rock'in The Best Beginner Course EVER

Week#3 at Clickin Moms’ Best Darn Beginner Course Ever…

Finally! This is what I have been waiting for. *arms in the air* WooHoo! This week, our assignment is to put everything we’ve learned in the class so far and put them together. Of course, I can’t just let it pass without adding something extra, a personal touch I guess… *wink*


Yes, yes I know…the little acrobat in the back is VERY distracting. So just in case you are wondering what he was doing:

Yeah…he was attempting to drive this ATV by standing on it….boys! *shaking head*

My favorite moment of the day! When all is quiet and peaceful…the only sound is the inhaling and exhaling of baby’s breath….hmmmm-mmmmmm.


God is Good!



This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Rock'in The Best Beginner Course EVER

Who knew every camera “sees” different shades of gray?

Try not to give away too much about this class, I want to share something I thought was very interesting. I learned that my camera, Nikon D7000
, actually sees at 18% gray. While keeping aperture, ISO and shutter speed the same, I measured what my camera “sees” with a:

18% gray card:
plant at 18% gray

and a 12.5% gray card:
plant at 12.5% gray

Can you see the differences between the two pictures?

By know what my camera “sees” from last week, I am able to meter correct exposure given the light condition and the skin color.

#3 has lighter skin, taken with indoor light:

JKP_5743-36 cropped

#4 has darker skin, taken with outdoor light:
JKP_5623-78 cropped



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